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uStore - Premium OpenCart theme

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Created: 03/24/2012

By: Harnish Design



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The installation of the theme is fairly simple. You only need to drag the 3 folders (admin, catalog, image) from "FILES TO UPLOAD" to the main opencart directory on you server.

How to select uStore theme?

Image Settings

Before you start using your store with the uStore theme, image settings must be edited with the following values:

Modules Settings

This theme can use left or right column on all pages except for the Home page, the Product page, the Product category page, Information page and My Account page.

Do not activate both left AND right columns on a single page as there is not enough space for both of them

Recommended image settings for all product related modules (e.g Featured, Latest, Special and Bestsellers) are 165x165px for modules activated in Content Top or Content Bottom areas and 50x50px for modules activated in Left or Right column.

(1) Main Slider

(2) Featured Module

Go to Extensions > Modules > Featured > Edit . In the Products text field start typing a name of a product you want to include in the featured section of your store and since the field is AUTOCOMPLETE names of products matching what you typed will show so you can select one. Select as many products as you want to have in your Featured section and then fill in the values from the below image regarding where this module should show and what product image sizes it should have at that specific location.

(3) Front Page Banners


(4) Latest Module

This module show the products added most recently. Go to Extensions > Modules > Latest > Edit and put in the following values:

(5) Specials Module

This module show products that are on Sale. Go to Extensions > Modules > Specials > Edit and put in the following values:


(6) Bestsellers Module

This module show products that are on Sale. Go to Extensions > Modules > Specials > Edit and put in the following values:


This one allows you create uStore Custom Footer (about us, facebook, contact, twitter).

Decide if you want to use custom footer module at all (Custom Footer Module Status)

Select ‘disabled’ and click save and custom footer module will not be displayed at all.
Custom footer module is divided into Four sections:

  1. About Us allows you to place short text about your stor
  2. Contact allows you to add some contact information
  3. Facebook displays your store’s facebook fan page
  4. Twitter displays your latest tweets (no surprise here!)

Using Fonts for uStore theme

Free Fonts Museo300   and  Tahoma

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